USDT Contract with Fixed Income

up to120%
income a year*

Diamond club members will get up to 125%


Why USDT Contracts Are The Most Profitable on the Market?


The main difference of the new Tether (USDT) Contract is GUARANTEED* income up to 125% per annum. With direct mining of cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH, you get the opportunity to earn more, but your investments are at greater risk - the cryptocurrency exchange rate and complexity are now unstable.

The profit you get in Tether (USDT) - TOP5 cryptocurrency in the world, the largest stable coin. The Tether USDT exchange rate is pegged to the US dollar 1: 1, and the coin is secured by reserves in US dollars at several large banks worth more than $ 4.5 billions. USDT stablecoins are accepted by more than 90% of cryptoexchanges and wallets.

You can read more
about the Tether project (USDT)
on the website
The Tether USDT rate
can be viewed here

How to Start Earning with
USDT Contracts?


Choose any amount
of the contract
to purchase

1 year contracts starting from $99 only


Get income up to 120% a year*.
Payments in USDT: Invested
amount + profit

Diamond Club members will get up to 125%


Withdraw your income
instantly in USDT
or reinvest to earn more

Your Income

Contract amount


Payout currency


Contract term

365 days

Potential income


Annual income*


How Do We Do This?


We are reinvesting the funds received into the different types of mining algorithms and actively trading altcoins to obtain extra profits.


The coins gained as a result of mining and trading, we hold or fixing profits in stable coins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, etc.), depending on the situation on the market.
Our algorithms change strategy every 0.5 seconds!


Your income and daily payments under the Tether USDT contract are guaranteed* by our constant super profitable trading activity, and therefore the current exchange rate of Bitcoin and other currencies does not matter - you get a guaranteed income!