IQ mining is focused to deliver you maximum efficiency per each hashrate. In order to achieve this, all mining contracts are based on performance of the most efficient mining hardware.

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Optimizing your profit

We all know that altcoins mining is giving higher mining returns, but their prices fluctuation on exchanges puts your income at risk. Our team of professional portfolio managers will take care about altcoins conversion to bitcoin, by better market prices, than you can get on retail exchange market. Better conversion prices are achieved by limit orders places on institutional cryptocurrency exchanges with lower spreads.

Comparing iq mining with other mining services

IQ miningOther mining services

You mine multiple altcoins at the same time.

You can mine only one currency per contract

Our algorithm monitors mining performance and switch off altcoins with low profitability

You can’t switch to another altcoins in case of low mining results

You are out of risk, due to altcoins prices fluctuation. You get your payouts in the most liquid Bitcoin.

Altcoins market prices fluctuations can significantly reduce your income

Low maintenance fees

High maintenance fees

I.Q. works