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Nucleus Vision was designed by Harvard University to gather unique data from off-line sources and dispense it. Nucleus Vision is a complete ecosystem incorporating blockchain-backed software and its exclusive IoT Sensors to create an economy of remotely stored user data.

ION hardware + Orbit Blockchain + Neural Network = nCash Universal Loyalty Program

Nucleus Vision was initially put to work helping physical businesses collect data from their customers, and the next will involve retail security and near field communication type solutions. The Nucleus Vision Platform is comprised of the Orbit Blockchain, ION Sensors, and a Neuron Intelligence Platform. They work together to collect and share offline consumer information amongst partners and users. We’ll take a look at each one and how it contributes to Nucleus Vision’s functioning.

The ION Sensor

The ION Sensor is a device that’s exclusive to Nucleus Vision. It can record information on physical properties such as temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound. If it’s installed in a shop it can record information about customer activity and pass that back. Over three years in the making, the ION sensor was designed to work without the need for Bluetooth, RFID, Wifi, NFC. It simply ‘sees’ customers who are carrying cell phones.

ION Sensor units can cover 200 meters of floor space each, making them a great choice for small businesses. They can be chained together to cover even more space and higher traffic, and each one can handle 32 customer identifications every 0.612 seconds.

So, the Nucleus Vision ION Sensor identifies the customer and reports this information to the other parts of the system.

nCash and The Orbit Blockchain

Orbit is the name of Nucleus Vision’s blockchain platform. This is where collected information is stored and nCash tokens used. Orbit transfers assets around the blockchain network with perfect safety and transparency. It’s based on Ethereum, and although that means smart contracts are possible, it’s been conceded that concerns exist around Ethereum’s bandwidth. This is no cause for concern however as Nucleus Vision can always migrate to a different smart contract blockchain as necessary.

nCash Tokens are the lubrication for the Orbit blockchain. They act as the main way of adding incentives to the Nucleus Vision platform. Although nCash acts as the glue in the Nucleus Vision Universal Loyalty Program, it also has a role in communicating between retailers.

Just like their customers, shop-owners can be encouraged through the application of incentives to share their information within the bounds of their own ION Network. nCash is used in customer data transfer between consenting shop-owners.

Neuron Intelligence Platform

The Neuron Intelligence Platform has an interface that fronts an analytical engine. ION gathers the information, Orbit moves it, and the Neuron Intelligence Platform processes it. That processing involves applying deep learning algorithms to identify patterns in customer behavior that may offer opportunities.